This conference grew out of a desire to ensure that city twinning was relevant to the current issues that the cities were facing in the 21 st Century. 



A committee was formed from the 70th Anniversary celebrations working group, including representatives from business, Bristol City Council and the twinning groups.

The committee has many connections with people and institutions in Bordeaux and Hannover as well as Bristol.

Committee Members

  • Alastair Watson
    • Chair
    • Former Lord Mayor and Alderman of the City of Bristol
    • Company director (Tesseract Limited)
    • Member of the High Tech Sector Group of the Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Benjamin Pean
    • Chair of Social Enterprise (Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce)
    • Operations Manager (Airbus PLC)
  • Shelley Nania
    • International Manager (Bristol City Council)
  • Alix Hughes
    • International Team (Bristol City Council)
  • Kai von Pahlen 
    • Senior Solicitor (DAC Beachcroft)
  • Andrew Evans
    • Associate Director (Gregg Latchams Ltd)
    • Bristol Junior Chamber
  • Tony Male
    • Retired Chairman
    • Sector Marketing
  • Charles Chami
    • President (Bristol Junior Chamber)
  • Michael Healey
    • Bristol Bordeaux Partnership

Our Partners

This conference was organised in partnership with the Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce, Gregg Latchams Solicitors and Bristol City Council.

It was supported by the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership, Bristol Hannover Council and the West of England Combined Authority, and is linked to the Festival of the Future City.